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Meet Our Pack

Cindy Lindhorn, Samm Albright, Allen Angell, Owners


Samm Albright, Owner

I remember the first time I walked into Lovin’ Arms in 2013, back when it was one-third of the size it is now. It smelled like fish tanks- remember when we sold fish?! I asked the woman behind the counter for, “Better food than what’s at the grocery store,” and she chuckled. She told me her name was Carol, and helped me pick out a bag of dry food, cans, and jerky for my three dogs. The change in my pets health happened almost overnight after switching them to better food, and I was so impressed that had to know more! Soon, I became the very first employee! In April of 2019, with my now business partners Allen Angell and Cindy Lindhorn, we acquired Lovin’ Arms Pet Center from Carol Peckham. My dream job became my dream career overnight. And now, with each decision I make for our growing business, I’ll always remember what Carol taught me: “It’s not about us, the humans. It’s about them- the animals.”

Alli Gant, Supervisor

Ali is a 21 year old pre-veterinary student at Dixie State University. Her hobbies include drawing, rollerblading, reading, and taking her dogs out hiking, to the park, and to the lake. She has always been passionate about animals, and currently has four dogs and three cats in her family’s house. She grew up here in southern Utah and loves the community. Working around amazing pets and learning about how to take care of them to her best ability at The Modern Pet is an absolute dream! She immensely enjoys learning about canine and feline nutrition, and truly believes it will help in her future career as a holistic veterinarian.


Zoie Hansen, Supervisor

Zoie is originally from West Jordan, Utah and is currently a student at Dixie State University. Zoie comes from a small family but has always grown up around animals: dogs, cats, goats, horses- you name it! Ever since Zoie was little she had an immense amount of love for animals and even wanted to open her own rescue shelter one day! Zoie currently has one dog named Barkley, (he definitely lives up to his name), who she loves and adores just as much as Barkley loves her in return. Zoie loves working at The Modern Pet and is always trying to further her education in canine and feline nutrition. Zoie is currently working on her Canine & Feline Nutritionist certification.

Rebecca Gopie, Pack Member

Rebecca is 24 and originally from Oahu, Hawaii. She moved to St. George two years ago and is attending Dixie State! She is a Psychology major and just added a Biology Minor to her degree. She has future plans to move to California to attend the Exotic Animal Training and Management Program at Moorpark College once she graduates. Her love for animals began when she was a little girl and has continued to grow. She’s always volunteered at rescues and when she moved here, she started volunteering at RSQ Dogs. Rebecca has been working at The Modern Pet since summer of ‘19, and has already completed her certification course for Canine & Feline Nutrition. She is currently working on her Advanced Canine & Feline Nutrition certification. She is always eager to learn more with the hopes of being able to benefit all of you and your fur babies.

Sara Peterson, Pack Member

Born and raised in Southern Utah, Sara has always had a huge passion for animals. That passion led Sara to start a professional pet sitting business, Sara’s Happy Paws Pet Sitting, right out of high school. Her business has grown quite successful over the last couple of years! In addition to this, Sara started as a dog trainer with Paw-sitive Dog School this spring. Any spare time Sara has is spent volunteering at RSQ Dogs +, where she’s a lead cat volunteer. Sara has fostered many animals over the years, and has ended up keeping quite a few of them. She now has 6 dogs and 8 cats- her family calls it their own mini rescue! Working at The Modern Pet has given Sara the opportunity to further her knowledge in pet nutrition, and she is currently working toward her Canine & Feline Beginning Nutritionist certification.

Courtney May, Creative Director

Courtney grew up in Alaska! She moved to Southern Utah when she was 12 and has been in love with the area ever since. She is a college student at Dixie State University currently studying psychology in hopes of one day becoming a therapist that incorporates animal assisted therapy into her sessions. Courtney’s hobbies include spending quality time with friends and family, taking her dog, Koda, on hikes, and reading books. Courtney loves working at The Modern Pet, where she can bring Koda and meet new people and animals. Her love for animals pushes her to learn everything she can about pet nutrition to ensure they have the best and healthiest lives possible. Courtney is currently working toward her Canine & Feline Beginning Nutritionist certification.beautiful!

Makaela, Groomer

Makaela has lived in Southern Utah most of her life and wouldn’t trade the red rocks for anything else. She grew up with a love for all animals but a special affinity for dogs of all shapes and sizes. She started grooming in 2018 in Mesquite Nevada and immediately knew she had found her calling! In her spare time Makaela enjoys doing Reiki energy work, collecting crystals, and practicing Karate, as well as all things nerdy! She and her wife also enjoy camping, hiking, and spending time outdoors. She has a great sense of humor and loves spending time with your fur babies.