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Getting Started

Behavior Evaluation (Free)

A hands-on behavioral evaluation is the first step toward a fully trained dog! In this free analysis, our professional trainer will evaluate your dog’s temperament and assign the appropriate training package. 

During this time you will be able to ask our trainer any questions, and they will tell you why TMP Canine Training is the right choice for you and your dog. They will also decide if your reactive, aggressive, or anxious dog should be considered for our extension program.

Nutrition Consultation (Free) 

Nutrition plays a key role in your pet’s behavioral health! In this consultation, your pet’s daily meals and treats will be evaluated by one of our certified canine nutritionists. They will answer any questions you have about diet and assist you in creating a biologically appropriate meal plan for your pup. This will be the difference in your pet’s ability to focus, retain new commands, and sustain an even level of activity.

*This consult is included in each of our training packages.

Training Packages

Multiple dogs in your household? Each dog after the 1st receives 10% off all training services

A-Z Training Program ($1095)

This course includes 8 lessons to ensure that your dog can maintain commands in a stimulating environment. The A-Z package is designed to take you and your dog through the entire process of balanced, obedience training for a well-rounded, confident, off-leash (E-collar always on) dog. Starting your pup off with engagement work not only teaches commands but also builds your relationship, their confidence, and eliminates interest in distractions. From there the prong collar is introduced for directional cues and leash pressure training. Once the dog understands the rules, commands, and expectations we introduce the E-Collar as a communication tool to let the dog know when they aren’t doing the correct thing, follow through on the no command, and alter their state of mind when they get laser-focused on a distraction. The topics covered in this course include, but are not limited to:

– Off-leash obedience

– Heel

– Come

– Place: send dog to specific “place” i.e. bed, mat, bench

– Sit

– Down

– And much more!

*Completion of the A-Z package guarantees you a 10% discount off any further packages.

Puppy 101 ($525)

This is a 5 lesson, month-long program for puppies under 6 months of age going over everything you need to know about owning and training a puppy. Here at the Modern Pet, we focus on setting you and your puppy up for success through a well-rounded program designed to build confidence, introduce lifelong skills, and prevent bad habits from taking root early on. Two lessons the first week and one follow up once a week for the rest of the month. A discount is applied for puppies who continue their training after 6 months in our A-Z Program. The topics covered in this course include, but are not limited to:

– What to expect with owning a new puppy

– Crate training

– Potty training

– Food engagement

– Introduction to luring commands: sit, down, come, good, yes, no, yuck

– Bucket work

– “Socialization”

– Come 

– Chewing/biting

– Barking/whining 

– Mental Stimulation 

Recommended extension packages: A-Z, and Groom & Train.
To decrease the chances of behavioral issues, we recommend puppies stay with their mother until 12 weeks of age.

Extension Packages

Extension packages are for dogs who have completed or tested out of the A-Z program.

Pawty Tricks ($75)

This course is great for dogs who have mastered basic off-leash obedience training and are looking to show off their mad skills! In this session, our trainer will show you techniques used for teaching your dog fun, engaging pawty tricks and routines so you can continue challenging yourself and your pup to learn new things like:

– Play dead: “bang bang” 

– Center: dog goes between your legs, sits, and looks up at you

– Speak

– Spin

– Sit pretty

– And much more! 

Agility Course ($75)

This course is for owners searching for a challenging, engaging, and mental/physical workout for their dog! Agility work not only builds confidence but practices obedience while giving your dog a job to do. It is a great way to strengthen your relationship with your pup, meet their daily exercise needs, and mentally challenge them. The objectives covered in this course include:

– Tunnels

– Weaving through poles

– Jumps

– Ramps

– Various obstacles

You can sign up for multiple sessions in a row if you are interested in extensive agility work or competitions.

Groom & Train ($100-150)

This course is designed to introduce or recondition your dog to the entire grooming process using luring and positive reinforcement techniques to make it as stress-free as possible for you and your dog. It is important to build positive experiences associated with daily health maintenance that is essential to all dogs’ health. In this course, we address any initial fear responses or past bad experiences to the grooming process taking the time, encouragement, and patience needed for future appointments to be as stress-free and effective as possible. Objectives covered in this course:

– Nail Trims – clipper and dremel 

– Muzzle Conditioning

– Chin grip/Face Trimming/Cleaning around eyes

– Standing for extended periods of time

– Fear of noises associated with the grooming process i.e. blow dryer, clippers, vacuum, etc.

– Teeth brushing

– Entering and Exiting Bath 

– Health Wellness Check

– Ear Cleaning 

– Sanitary trims

Price depends on the breed and size of dog. 

Impulse Control ($295)

This 3 lesson class is great for dogs who know their commands at home but struggle in high distraction environments or have specific triggers. In this class we cover barking/whining, prey drive, stay command, no jumping or becoming over excited, and others. Objectives covered in this course:

– Outdoor distractions (bikes, scooters, cars, lawnmowers, passerby’s, etc.)

– Indoor distractions (people, food, shopping carts, large objects, etc.)

– Other animals ( people, cats, dogs, horses etc.)

– Different surfaces (grass, metal grates, bumpy sidewalks, etc.) 

– Loud noises (doorbell, knocking, vacuums, etc.)

Reactive Dog ($295)

This is an additional 3 lesson training package to the A-Z program for dogs that are extremely fearful, anxious, or reactive. With this extension, we can build a good foundation for the dog with a slow-paced course designed to adapt to your dog and what they need the most help with. 

After completing basic obedience training we reintroduce the dog to high distraction environments and triggers to ensure the rules, boundaries, and expectations are met no matter what circumstances occur giving both you and your dog confidence to handle future situations. 

This extension should be considered for all dogs who may need extra time to warm up, need more fine-tuning, learn at a slower pace, are fearful reactive around other dogs or people, etc.

Refresher Follow Up ($75)

This hour-long, in-home session goes over what was learned in the A-Z Training Package as well as addressing any additional issues. It takes place in your home or any environment the dog is struggling with. This course is tailored to what you and your dog need to be more successful in maintaining the training.

Meet our trainer!

Serena Macfarlane, Canine Trainer

Assisted by Kvothe the Dalmatian

Originally from Lehi, Utah, Serena moved to St. George in 2019 to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Biology at Dixie State University, with hopes of becoming a progressive wellness veterinarian. Her passion for animals started at a young age, finding opportunities to work with them wherever she could. Like most animal lovers, she grew up having lots of pets and consistently sought opportunities to further her knowledge about animals.

It was during this time that Serena discovered her passion for dog training, which has since become a key component of her life. She’s passionate about canine health and nutrition, and also about their psychological makeup. As a result of her passion, she received her certification as an American Kennel Club Evaluator for tests like Canine Good Citizen, Urban CGC, and AKC Therapy Dog.

Serena recently graduated from Innovative K9 Academy’s Basic Obedience, Advanced Obedience, and Off-Leash Dog Training Shadow Program. While there she gained knowledge from a team of world-renowned dog trainers. With her new skills and knowledge from this extensive training program, along with her previous dog handling expertise, Serena and The Modern Pet have created a Balanced Training Program to help you and your dog achieve complete off-leash obedience.

Serena’s hobbies include; reading, shadowing vet clinics, volunteering at animal shelters, hiking, yoga, meditation, painting, and of course- dog training. Her personal mantra is to improve the quality of life for animals while leaving the world a better place. She plans to continue her Bachelor’s in biology, becoming a progressive wellness veterinarian who also trains service and protection dogs.

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