Canine Training

The Modern Pet Balanced Dog Training

What is Balanced Training?


Positive Reinforcement 

Present something good:

Behavior is more likely 

Negative Punishment

Take away something good:

Behavior is less likely 

Positive Punishment

Present something bad:

Behavior is less likely

Negative Reinforcement 

Take away something bad:

Behavior is more likely 

These are the four quadrants of learning for dogs, and Balanced Training is known to use a little bit of all of them depending on the dog’s motivation. Tailoring the training to your dog’s specific drive is what makes Balanced Training so successful!

Training Packages


Combine any two lessons for a $100 discount!


  • Basic Obedience ($495)

Package includes 4 weekly lessons + 1 bonus lesson to ensure that your dog can maintain commands in a stimulating environment. The Basic Obedience package is the entry level training and all of the behaviors taught within this package are absolutely essential to your dog’s wellbeing and safety.

  • 1st – Come and Sit 
  • 2nd – Place
  • 3rd – Heeling and loose leash walking
  • 4th – Down

(All commands are taught with duration and distraction)


Advanced Obedience ($455)

Package includes 4 lessons that are geared towards what YOU want out of your dog. There are a list of commands to choose from based on what you would find most useful for you and your pet. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Distance Down
  • Send to Place
  • Off leash Heeling
  • Come to Heel
  • And many more!


Puppy Foundation Classes ($525)

  • The most important of all our Training Packages, the Puppy Foundations Class, includes 5 lessons that are for dogs under the age of 5 months. This obedience is to lay a foundation of behaviors and body movement that will make future obedience much easier. Unlike the other packages, this class is treat based training only, and 30 minutes long. 


Aggressive Dog Package ($900)

  • This package is for dogs that have aggression or reactivity issues. It includes 8 weekly lessons that are tailored towards what’s triggering your dog to behave aggressively. In order to address your dog’s reactivity, they must have basic obedience so we can ensure their safety when putting them in high stress situations to correct the undesirable behavior. 


Meet our trainer!


Hailey Gant, Canine Trainer


Hailey has been located in Southern Utah for most of her life and her favorite thing to do is explore the beautiful red rock scenery with her dog, Luna. She discovered her passion for training dogs a little over a year ago, and since then has fallen in love with helping to create more freedom and communication between dogs and their owners. She’s even certified as a Canine Good Citizen evaluator through the American Kennel Club!

Hailey has enjoyed donating her own resources to a recently rescued a dog, Tavi, right before his euthanization date. She spent months training him until he was ready to find a home!

Hailey has been shopping at Lovin Arms Pet Center for two years and has enjoyed immersing herself in the community of pet owners that are always willing to gain more knowledge for the sake of their animals well being. She is thrilled to be taking their well being one step further by developing a balanced training program exclusive to Lovin’ Arms Pet Center and their clients.

Her hobbies include; hiking, writing, reading, and learning as much as she can about dog behavior. Hailey has dreams of training high energy working dogs- she is captivated by how they aid police and military. She already has experience with bite work, and hopes to one day open a rescue that’s geared toward training the dogs that have had a rough start in life or require more attention.

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