Two Drinks Your Pet Needs This Christmas!

Two Drinks Your Pet Needs This Christmas!

Eggnog for the Puppers

When you have your dessert, treat them too! One of our favorites, The Honest Kitchen, makes Eggnog for our fur puppies! Containing dehydrated goat’s milk, egg, honey, and cinnamon, this treat is full of tons of vitamins and minerals that your pup will love! The Goats Milk is a natural probiotic, while the egg is a great source of highly digestible protein! The honey is a powerful source of antioxidants, and also have anti-inflammatory and immune system benefits, wow! Cinnamon, which also contains anti-inflammatory properties, is known to slow and even stop bacteria growth! This treat would be perfect for overweight dogs who are at risk of contracting diabetes, as cinnamon helps to regulate blood sugar and raise insulin levels! As with all of Honest Kitchen Product, this Eggnog is free of artificial colors/flavors, fillers, wheat/soy, and GMO ingredients!

All you need to do is mix in some warm water with the eggnog powder, stir it, and your pup gets a nice dessert!

Eggnog for your doggo, by The Honest Kitchen

Pumpkin Latte

One of my personal favorites is the Pumpkin Latte from Super Snouts! This product is a wonderful blend of Goat milk, Pumpkin, Apple Pectin, Agave Inulin, and Ceylon Cinnamon, so it is very palatable! The goats milk is from free ranging, grass fed, antibiotic free goats. It is GMO free, without any added hormones. This would be an amazing treat to support the digestive system. Pumpkin is a great way to promote healthy stool, as it contains soluble fiber and essential vitamins and minerals. Apple pectin, which is a soluble fiber in apples, helps to prevent spikes in our dogs blood sugar. The Agave Inulin is a prebiotic, so that feeds the probiotic (Goats Milk) and helps to keep the gut healthy! The cinnamon adds a nice taste for your doggo, and is a common anti inflammatory and anti fungal.

Simply add in some water to the powder and you are all set!

Pumpkin Latte By Super Snouts

Where Can I Find These Products?

We carry both the Honest Kitchen Eggnog and Super Snouts Pumpkin Latte in our store at Lovin’ Arms Pet Center! Stop by and for more information, and we can show you some cute Holiday presents/treats for your babies!

By: Courtney May

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