Luca’s Favorites

Hey everyone! It’s Alli and I wanted to show you Luca’s six favorite things from our store. He is a year and a half old Lab/Rottweiler mix and weighs 70 pounds.

First, we have his favorite food of all time, Steve’s Real Food frozen raw. This company is my personal favorite in our store. They are small and have an office in northern Utah. Their meat is free range, and don’t have added antibiotics or hormones. Luca devours it and loves that it is soft and healthy for him.

His next two favorite things are from the brand Nulo. Their freeze-dried food is amazing as a topper and treats as well as a full meal. He loves going to grandma’s house because she is always stocked with it and is a sucker for his puppy face! The next is Nulo cans, he really loves every¬†flavor and I enjoy incorporating them into his diet for some added versatility.

He definitely has the Rottweiler jaw so he is a chewer. This mammoth bone from Red Barn is affordable and long lasting! Whenever he goes in the backyard he has a chewing session.

Bully sticks are some of my favorite because they are clean and have the option for being odorless, so they are perfect for indoor use. Whenever I have had a long day and he still has some energy I let him chew on one to stimulate his brain and keep him quiet while I relax.

Finally, we have this Mammoth Flossy Chew, which is not only good for his teeth, but he loves to play tug of war and act like a big bad wolf by shaking it vigorously.

Overall, my pup is spoiled and loves everything mommy brings home for him. I am so lucky to have such an awesome job that helps me take care of him the best I can.

XX, Alli

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  1. We have fed commercial raw food on the advice of breeders to our four small dogs over the years since since 2004. With safe handling we have never had a problem with it. We use the brands Answers, which they absolutely love, and Steve’s. It keeps our dogs very healthy and lean, and their teeth free of tartar. We also use “odorless” bully sticks for their teeth, and freeze dried raw for their treats. They have never needed to have their teeth cleaned by a vet with this protocol, and they are full of energy. We started three puppies this way. We adopted a very ill rescue dog’ and her dermatologist recommended she stay eating commercial raw food to her gut. I wish more people understood the importance of good brands of commercial raw food for cats and dogs.

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