The Raw Truth: Get the Inside Scoop on Feeding Raw

We aim to keep things short, sweet and to the point so we’ve hand picked several of our most frequently asked questions about feeding raw.

Isn’t raw food dangerous?

Myth. Raw food is the most biologically appropriate food for your dogs and cats. Their systems are designed to handle the bacteria both good and bad.

Will preparation take up all my time?

Preparation will only take a few more minutes than pouring kibble in a bowl would. Just like when you prepare meat for your human family you take the same precautions when feeding raw food to your pets.

How will I afford it?

The cost is actually pretty comparable to a premium kibble or canned food. Below Primal outlines how much raw you can feed for the price of a bag of kibble.

If you’re wondering how much it will cost to feed your pet, use Steve’s Real Food calculator.

Is it an all or nothing deal?

Not at all. Use freeze dried as a treat or a food topper, add goat’s milk to rehydrate kibble or as another treat, or feed partially raw if you’d like.

What raw options do you carry?

Freeze Dried

  • Sojos
  • Stella & Chewy’s
  • Nulo


  • Tucker’s


  • Steve’s Real Food
  • Primal

Other (goat milk, treats and more)

  • Answers
  • Orijen
  • Acana
  • Vital Essentials

Have more questions? Call or stop by and our pack members would love to answer them! Ready to start feeding raw? We’ll set you up for success!

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